“Aerva Lanta” Plant (Polpala)

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Aerva lanata

“Aerva Lanta” (Polpala) plant is also known as “Polkudu Pala” in Sinhala, and it belongs to the “Amaranthaceae” caste. This is a small perennial plant that grows up to two feet tall everywhere in the plains. A white smooth downy can be seen throughout the plant, and parallelly situated leaves are elliptic or ovate-elliptic shaped. “Aerva Lanta” (Polpala) is an inflorescence plant that grows almost near every leaf nut. White colour flowers are tiny and bisexual. This plant is used to make salads as well as for herbal porridge.

Medicinal values of “Aerva Lanta”

According to the traditional ayurvedic medicine of Sri Lanka, this is a precious plant. Sri Lankan people drink the essence of boiled “Aerva Lanta” (Polpala) as a herbal drink and as an effective remedy for urinary tract infections.

The whole herb is used in treating many diseases, such as

Kidneys stones diseases
Inflammation of the urine
Piles diseases, agrobacterium
Cardiovascular diseases, spleen diseases
Cough, asthma, headache, infections of the throat
Diarrhoea, dysentery
Especially for women’s diseases

Drinking the boiled essence of this whole plant is an effective treatment for urinary tract infections, Inflammation of the urine and kidneys stones diseases, furthermore inhaling the smoke of dried “Aerva Lanta” (Polpala) flowers and leaves onto fire coal is a cure for asthma. Applying ground “Aerva Lanta” (Polpala) roots on the forehead or putting ground roots with cold water as a plaster on the forehead is done as a treatment for headache. Dissolve a single tablespoon of dried leaves of this plant into a cup of boiling water and drink it with sugar is a good treatment for cough. This plant also has so many natural and healthful qualities like disinfectant, destruction of worms and special relief for urinary tract infections as well.

Aerva lanata


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