Cinnamon; Health benefits and nutrition

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Cinnamon is a species of plant that endemic to Sri Lank and harvested by carefully cutting off the inner bark of the plant. This belonging to the “Cinnamomum Zealanicum” genus. Also, this has been popular all over the world as a natural spice since ancient times. Sri Lankan cinnamon has a higher taste and aroma than “Cinnamomum Cassia,” a species of cinnamon grown in other countries.

Not only as a spice for food, but it has a lot of natural medicinal properties. One tablespoon of cinnamon includes 68% manganese, 3% vitamin K, 4% iron, 8% calcium, and 4g of fiber. This has been used for medicinal treatments since ancient times. Also, there is evidence that this was used in ancient Egypt as well. So, let’s jump to see what are the medicinal benefits of cinnamon.

Cinnamon for diseases of the digestive system.

Gastritis is a common gastrointestinal disease in most of today’s society. Not only for gastritis, but this is an effective natural remedy for many gastrointestinal disorders such as Nausea, Diarrhoea and the lack of appetite for food. By oil in the bark of the cinnamon that is beneficial to the body stimulates the gastric secretions, and it regulates digestion when eating. Therefore, long-term use of this can easily prevent gastritis. Also, Stomach inflammation is a common problem for many people when eating acidic foods. Experts in food and nutrition say that sprinkling slight of cinnamon powder on to the diet helps to prevent abdominal discomfort when eating acidic foods.

Improves blood circulation.

This helps to prevent the blocking of blood vessels. Recent research has shown that cinnamon can regulate blood cholesterol levels. Drinking two glasses of water with dissolved a half teaspoon of cinnamon per day is an excellent treatment to keep blood vessels healthy. An active compound called “Cinnamaldehyde” in cinnamon has the potential to increase peripheral blood circulation. Thereby, if the blood circulation of the limbs is weak, it improves that. This is also an effective remedy for cracks in the toes due to exposure to cold. However, this is only a remedy that can be used to alleviate the above conditions but is not a substitute for treatments.

Regulates blood sugar levels.

Another benefit of this is the ability to control blood sugar levels. But, the mechanism underlying this is still unclear. Researchers believe this may increase the sensitivity of the insulin hormone receptors, which are essential to regulate blood sugar levels.

Finally, the most important thing is that a little bit of cinnamon must be added to the everyday diet for getting these health benefits.


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