Watermelon; Health benefits

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Watermelon is a delicious fruit that belongs to the gourd family. All other fruits belonging to this gourd family such as cucumber and bottle gourd are used to cook as currys in Asian countries, but watermelon is popular as a fruit because of its sweetness. African countries are the birthplace of this fruit. There are two varieties of this fruit, with the light green bark and the dark green bark.
Many people know this as a delicious fruit, but it has a lot of medicinal properties. In countries like Sri Lanka, watermelon used to cure many chronic diseases in traditional medicine. That is also mentioned in ancient Ayurvedic books of South Asian countries.

Watermelon for body heat stress

Increasing body temperature is a problem most people face during the summer. To overcome this condition, many people have been accustomed to drink artificial beverages in the market. But artificial drinks may increase the risk of illnesses. Therefore, it is best to drink natural beverages such as watermelon to avoid excessive tiredness and to cool the body during the hot season.

The secret of watermelon to make look youthful

The watery texture of this fruit helps to prevent dryness of the skin and retain moisture. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that prevent the skin from wrinkling. If you can drink a glass of watermelon juice every morning, it is no longer difficult to obtain glow skin and a youthful look.

If the food not digested, here is the cure

Constipation is a disease that some people suffer from, This fruit is one of the best natural remedies for those conditions. People with digestive allergies can alleviate it by eating a piece of watermelon per day. Doctors often recommend fiber-rich foods for patients with Haemorrhoids(Piles). Although this fruit is not fiber, it’s an excellent remedy for those who have Hemorrhoids (piles) due to its chemical sugar and water content.

For  Gastritis

Inappropriate eating habits and stress are the primary causes of gastritis, and as the disease progresses, it can cause gastric ulcers. So, this fruit is very effective in alleviating gastric ulcers due to the liquid nature of it. If you drink a glass of watermelon juice before eating, gastritis can be cured easily within a few days.


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