Weight loss: Are short methods effective?

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weight loss

Weight loss is a dream that many people have. According to WHO (World Health Organization) reports, obesity has tripled in the last few years.

So exercise is a great habit to lose weight and stay healthy. Some people go to the gym for sports purposes, and others go to lose weight. Also, it may be a trend for someone. Whatever your expectations, the most important thing is to follow a proper diet plan, along with exercises. Otherwise, no matter how much you try to lose weight, it will not work. In here, the best thing is getting consultation from an expert who is well versed in food and nutrition.

It should be specially noted that weight loss is not possible quickly.
There are many short ways to lose weight, but those can be harmful to the body. If an agency or organization says that you can lose weight in a short period, it may have a commercial purpose of making money. So, before using such a product or service, you must check that it is up to standard.
When it comes to weight loss, it is essential to do systematically. A person must exercise at least six months to lose three kilos of body weight.

Things you must avoid, during the weight loss process

Stop using various weight loss products

Some companies offer these products to consumers as quick ways of weight loss. Yes, these products provide immediate results in the short term but cause health and nutritional problems later. Also, there is a problem whether these products actually burn unwanted fat. By using this kind of product often removes the water in your body through the urine. Decreasing the level of water in the body affects weight loss, but it may cause damage to internal organs because of dehydration. The most dangerous thing is, most of these products in the market belong to the medicinal category and they cause side effects. Therefore it is not advisable to use such products without a medical recommendation.

Avoid getting too much protein

A nutritional supplement is recommended for a person when the body cannot get enough nutrients from food. So the facts here are not to suggest protein-rich foods that are specific to athletes.
Usually, a person who exercises to lose weight will never need to double the amount of protein added to the daily diet. Therefore, it is unnecessary to follow society’s misconceptions, like eat omelets made out of 10 eggs to improve nutrition, etc. Also, Protein-rich products which are made especially for people who exercise are common in the market. If you are looking for such a product, you should consider the quality because most of the products cause hormonal function changes that can lead to long-term health problems. So, it is best to get nutrients naturally from foods without resorting to nutritional supplements.

Don’t limit foods too much

Controlling the intake of diets is an essential thing in the process of losing weight, but often advice is to avoid starchy foods. There is some truth in this because starch eventually becomes fat and accumulates in the body. But only limiting starchy foods will not bring better results. Instead of starch, other nutrients such as vegetables, fruits, meat, and fish should be added to the diet. Otherwise, someone who overeats starchy food has a greater tendency to infect diseases like gastritis, if they stop it at once to lose weight.

However, the correct procedure is to consult a qualified nutritionist before you start exercising for weight loss. They will give you accurate recommendations on what diet plan you should follow and how to change it while workouts gradually.


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